Women's Journey

Addicted to "being good." What it means and what it does to us.

Creating a new self can only happen in community.

Creating a spirituality of your own.

Growing from difficult decisions.

Stop feeling ashamed of your anger.

The dual identity socialization creates inside of me.

The price we pay for silencing our inner voice.

Understanding the myths of femininity and how they compromise your personal peace.

What women offer each other cannot be duplicated in any other way.

Why creating equality is difficult for us.

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Women´s support groups to help build self esteem and gain gender equality

Women´s Journey is a support group that helps women regain self esteem and establish gender equality. Dr. Ann Lewis interacts with women on this website and at Fort Lauderdale women´s support groups, helping them to understand inner conflicts, share their personal story and learn how to be peaceful.

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What is Women's Journey?

Women’s Journey is a community that helps women to identify the silent discriminations that limit their lives and invades their personal identity. If offers information, insight, and connection to all women.

Meet Dr. Ann Lewis

Ann Lewis Ph.D. is a licensed mental health counselor in the state of Florida, with a private practice that promotes healing from within; she has over 23 years clinical experience counseling individuals, couples, and groups. She is the founder of Women’s Journey, Inc.
Dr. Lewis is a renowned public speaker and is available for new speaking engagements and Private Phone Consultations

Women's Journey Topics

Women's Journey Topics provide insight and guidance that will help
improve your life.

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About the Book

This book is an invitation to every woman who wonders about the meaning of her life and longs for personal peace. Me, Again will compassionately lead women on a journey to inner peace and self-liberation.


This book examines the diverse ways gender invades our lives and the relationships we share. In 365 ways, she will challenge your thinking and massage your soul.

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